Vuoden 2018 Matsuconiin saapuvat kunniavieraiksi cosplay-valokuvaaja Blue Potion Photography ja cossari MeNanA. Alta löytyvät heidän esittelynsä englanniksi. Tarkemmat tiedot kunniavieraiden esiintymisistä tapahtumassa päivitetään tälle sivulle ohjelmakartan julkaisun jälkeen.

Robin – Blue Potion Photograph

”Hey there, my name is Robin aka Blue Potion Photography! I’m a cosplay photographer from Germany for about 10 years now.

I’ve been an active cosplayer before I started to develop my love for being on the other side of the camera and of course I’m a huge nerd like everyone else here!

I always loved photo manipulation and photoshop but had a lack on photos to work on, so in 2006 I bought my first camera and just started. I quickly learned that I’m somewhat better at operating a camera instead of the sewing machine, but my knowledge about cosplay still helps me when it comes to taking photos of cosplayers. I always try to develop new techniques and develop my own art style.

Right now I’m heading straight for cinematic photography.

My guilty pleasure is scouting for new and beautiful photoshooting locations!

I’m super excited to spending an amazing weekend with you guys! Come talk to me if you see me strolling around!”

Robin’s Social Media Links:

www.facebook.com/bluepotionphoto (Blue Potion Photography)

www.instagram.com/bluepotionphoto (@bluepotionphoto)

www.twitter.com/bluepotionphoto (@bluepotionphoto)

Melina – MeNanA 

”Helloooo my I´m Melina. The most people probably know me as ”MeNanA”.

I started cosplaying in 2006. My first costume was Minako Aino from Sailor Moon.

At first i wasn´t really interested in cosplay, because i thought its kind of freaky. But after i wore my first costume and met a lot of nice people i changed my mind really fast.

Until today i already made more than 50 costumes. Thats not really much compared to others.

In 2015 i was one of the german representatives for the WCS finals in Japan. I would say my greatest success (so far) with cosplaying 🙂

I really enjoy to sew! To be honest more than to wear my costumes… maybe i´m already to old haha 😀 but the most costumes are so uncomfortable. Besides i love to do photoshoots 🙂


So i´m really looking forward to be back in Finland and have the possibility to share an amazing weekend with everyone! (And don´t forget the food !!! ;DDD)”

Melina’s Social Media Links

https://www.facebook.com/MeNanACosplay/ (@MeNanACosplay)

https://twitter.com/ChibiMeNanA (@chibimenana)

https://www.instagram.com/memi_applepie (@memi_applepie)